How Medical Imaging Helps Diagnose & Treat TBI

Traumatic Brain Injury is a devastating condition that can occur to anyone who is hit in the hard with enough force.  It is important to get to a doctor immediately if you’ve sustained a head injury, even when it feels that everything is okay. It’s best to let a doctor check you out just to be safe. With advanced imaging toms river nj available, it’s easy to get the top notch diagnosis and care that you want and deserve to thrive after a head injury. TBI can cause a lifetime of problems. That’s why it’s so important to make that appointment with the doctor as soon as possible.

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The CT scan is commonly used to visualize the problem. It is oftentimes used to diagnose life-threatening head injuries. The CT scan uses a set of cross-sectional X-rays that create a three-dimensional image. The scan can detect numerous issues, including bleeding around the brain, skull fractures, swelling, and more. The scan is used more often than other medical imaging types because it provides a more complete picture.

An MRI can also be used to diagnose and treat TBI, however. Doctors have a number of reasons why an MRI is used rather than the CT scan. The MRI detects even microscopic injuries within the brain that can lead to nerve fiber damage. An MRI will also detect small bruises and scarring that cannot be detected on a traditional CT scan.  Brain atrophy is also detectable via an MRI.

Neither procedure is painful, but some people do find the scans scary. Rest assured they’re safe and designed to provide the best possible treatment during a time when it matters more than ever. Choose a quality provider and rest assured that you are in good hands after advanced medical imaging is used to treat your condition.