Is it Okay to Sell Alcohol at My Event?

People are social beings who love to get together with one another for laughs, fun, food, and good times. And for many people, alcohol is also served alongside the fun, which loosens things up and puts everyone in the mood for fun. There is little wonder why you want to sell alcohol at your upcoming social event, however, before you take this stride forward, there’s a few important bits of information to first learn.

First, there are alcohol laws in Texas that prevent you from selling alcohol without a license. And sadly, you cannot obtain an alcohol license Dallas TX simply because you’re hosting a single event and want to sell alcohol to the crowd.  However, if you already operate a restaurant or a bar/club or establishment that serves alcoholic beverages and have obtained the liquor license ahead of this event, then selling alcohol may be acceptable. It’s still a good idea to check with the local Alcohol Commission Board to learn the exact steps that you must take to legally sell alcohol.

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Selling alcohol without a license in Texas is illegal and can result in some pretty stiff consequences if you are busted, including fines and time in jail. Neither of these consequences is desirable, so make sure to handle this situation the right way. Keep in mind that serving alcohol to guests without the requirement of a purchase, is perfectly acceptable.

Liquor laws are in place in Dallas to keep everyone safe. While we all love to sit down with a cold drink now and again to relax or help us socialize, it can be dangerous if the rules are not followed. Abide by the rules and keep yourself out of hot water and all of your friends and neighbors safe.