5 Solutions to Cover Up Your Hair Loss

Thinning hair and hair loss are problems that devastate those who experience them. But, men and women of all ages find themselves looking in the mirror at a less full head of hair or even bald spots. If you’re one of those people, it’s time to fight back against thinning hair and hair loss. Many hair cover up solutions are out there to help you in this quest. The five options below are among the best.

1.  Wigs/Hair Pieces

Many people wear wigs and hair pieces even when they’re not suffering from hair loss or thinning hair problems, so it’s easy to use one of these products to treat your condition without feeling awkward or out of place. Tons of hair pieces and wigs in assorted colors, lengths, and styles make it easy to create a new you that you love to look at in the mirror.

2.  Hair Extensions

Hair extensions work well for individuals with thinning hair, but not so much for bald spots. Various types and lengths of hair extensions are available to cover up the thinning hair that’s causing embarrassment.

3.  Hair Treatments

Professional hair treatments aim to regrow lost hair and to replenish thinning strands. Find the best hair treatment nyc and you will see a tremendous difference in the texture and vibrancy of your hair.

4.  Shampoos & Hair Regrowth Products

A variety of shampoo and hair regrowth products are found sold at beauty supply stores and online and at salons. Choose your favorite and in a matter of weeks, you will see the hair back on your head again.

5.  Hair Detox

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Hair detox is a nutritional means of helping regrow your hair. It works best for thinning hair. When you practice detox, your hair thrives and delivers the healthy, long, full appearance that you want.